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UAV Post 101 Commander
Matthew Wroblewski

Welcome to Michigan Post 101

Michigan Post 101 is located in Warren, Michigan. We have an office in the Ukrainian Cultural Center. We are the largest post in the country and currently have 63 members. Four of our members are in active duty, serving in the Army, Marines, and Air Force. We are very proud to have a Veteran who served in World War II and Korea.

Four members have served on the National Executive Board.  

   • Matthew Wroblewski, National Vice Commander, (former)

   • Roman Stefaniuk, National Welfare Officer, (current)

   • Miroslaw Pryjma, National Welfare Officer, (former)

   • Oleh Karanec, National Finance Officer, (former)

If you are a Ukrainian American or married to a Ukrainian and have served in the U.S. Military, we would be honored to have you join our Post. Contact the Commander Matthew Wroblewski for more information.


We, the American Veterans of Ukrainian descent who served in the Armed Forces of the United States, in order that we may

be united by a greater spirit of loyalty and patriotism and that we may be of greater service to our country, do ordain and

establish this non-sectarian organization to perpetuate further the ideals and ideas of our government.

Available at UAV Post 101.... Collectable Pilsner Glasses!

UAV Post 101 is offering collectable pilsner glasses featuring images commemorating our Ukrainian Heritage.

Purchase a full set or collect them one at a time. Contact Matthew Wroblewski to purchase your glasses today.


Images on the glasses included:

• Sunflowers

• Map of Ukraine

• The Trident of Ukraine

• Sheaves of Wheat

$32.00 set of 4

$8.00 each

UAV Post 101
Welcomes its Newest Members

Mark Storey-Adj.jpg

On Saturday September 16th, 2023 the UAV Post 101 welcomed its newest member....
Mark M. Storey.

We are honored and proud to have Mark as
a member of our post.


On Wednesday April 12th, 2023 the UAV Post 101 welcomed its newest members....
Nataliya Krasiy and Jonathan Chrin.

Nataliya has joined the Army Reserves and will become a part of the Military Police(MP). Jonathan has joined the Marines Reserves and will be a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. 

We are honored and proud to have these young members of our Ukrainian community as members of our Post. 

2024 Wild Game Dinner Movie and Picture Gallery 

 On Saturday February 24th, 2024 the UAV Post 101 held the annual Wild Game Dinner. The event was a great success hosting about 210 Veterans, Family, Friends and Supporters. The evening was highlighted by great food and prize raffles. Please check out the Video and the Picture Gallery below and we thank everyone for attending this wonderful event.

UAV Post 101 Michigan

2024 Wild Game Dinner

On Saturday February 24th, 2024 the UAV Post 101 held the annual Wild Game Dinner. The event was a great success hosting about 210 Veterans, Family, Friends and Supporters. Many prizes were raffled off including, hunting and camping gear, along with several firearms. Food donations included venison, bison, duck, pheasant, perch along with a wonderful spread of appetizers. 

We Thank Everyone for attending this Event

Pickleball With UAV Post 101 Michigan

Every Thursday Several Of the Veterans get together at the Ukrainian Cultural Center and Play Pickleball.

The games are fun and filled with action... Watch the video and see for yourself.

Here are a couple pictures of the guys that

come out to play Pickleball.


Ukrainian American

Museum UAV Post 101 Exhibit

On Sunday March 3rd, 2024 the Ukrainian American Museum in Hamtramck, Michigan presented The UAV Post 101 Display as the newest addition to their exhibit. The display was set-up by Marta Sobko and her crew. About 50 people attended this event which also included two lovely lectures about ancient Ukrainian Coins and Ukrainian Stamps. 

We Thank Everyone for attending this Event

2023 UAV Post 101

Christmas Party

On Friday, December 8, 2023 the UAV Post 101 Michigan held it's Annual Christmas Party at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warren, Mi. We had almost 65 Veterans and Family members attend this event. It was a lot of fun and such a joy to see everyone again to celebrate this Holiday Season. Please take a look at the pictures and enjoy the Spirit of the Season. 

Merry Christmas &

Happy New Year

For more information about the UAV activities, events and news please visit the national website to find the information you need. Thank you for your dedication.

UAV Post 101 has participated in many Events, Holidays, Services and Conventions. Click here to view pictures of our celebrations with members, families and supporters through the years.

This Calendar Schedule is set up to let UAV Post 101 members know when the next meetings will be held with times and dates of important holidays and ceremonies.